Build Buscle and Burn Fat

PowerFitness is a strength based program that will allow you to build muscle, burn fat and become more toned. This is our group training program which delivers the same training to all individuals for the month so you can complete them on your own time. All programs are delivered monthly via email with email support as needed.


The typical programming consists of 3-4 strength training days each week with 2-3 short cardiovascular training sessions. In my opinion, I have seen the greatest success with strength based programming so if running a marathon is your goal this program is unfortunately not for you. However if you want to get in great shape and look the part you have come the the right place.


Even though this is group based, I still prefer to communicate with individuals with a free phone call to see if we are a good fit for each other. If we agree that we are a good fit for each other I will be there with you whenever you need help via email and text. I limit the number of clients I take on so that everyone still gets the attention they deserve.


The cost for our PowerFitness Program is $35/month. With this you get 4 weeks of workouts, email support (limited) and our monthly subscription newsletter that only goes out to our clients.

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